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So far we have worked out that a

large orange located 968 metres

from the "Big Ball" represents the

Earth, relative to the Sun in size,

and in the distance that the Earth

orbits the Sun.

If we draw a circle with a radius 

of 968 metres around the "Big Ball",

then the model of the Earth could be placed

anywhere on that circle. (Albeit the planets'

orbits are elliptical rather than circular).

This is where your map skills come in to play. Can you find a location that is 968 metres from the "Big Ball" and where it is also possible to see the "Big Ball"? At the location mentioned earlier (opposite the entrance to the Gallops housing estate) it's not possible to see the "Big Ball". 

The two planets closer to the Sun than the Earth (Mercury and Venus) are within 700 metres of the "Big Ball" so it should be possible to find locations for those planets from where the "Big Ball" is visible.

Each of the planets are mapped on the model based on their orbit distances.



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